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Hasbro Transformers Trading Card Game Autobot 2-Player Starter Set
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Brand Hasbro
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm
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  • Brand: Hasbro
  • Franchise: Transformers
  • Series: Trading Card Game
  • For Ages 8+
  • Contains cards and rules required for 2 player game

Transformers Trading Card Game (TFTCG) offers the Big Boys another way to “play” with their favourite bots enacting battles between heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons. Finally the infamous Robots in Disguise receives a legit trading card game (TCG) from Wizards of the Coast (WotC), publisher of the first and still leading TCG Magic: The Gathering (MtG).


For non-gamers, TCGs is a strategy game using specially designed cards put together by players into customised playing decks to be played against other player(s). The game mechanics determine how cards interact for players to gain advantage over their opponents and win. Cards are typically sold at random in blind packs, i.e. buyers do not know what cards they will receive. Cards are also circulated in differing quantities whereby rare cards are harder to find compared to common cards. This then leads to the “trading” nature of the game whereby players are encourage to trade cards with other players to obtain the cards they need. Major TCGs like MtG are highly competitive with tournaments organised across the world with serious prize money to be won.


The Transformers Trading Card Game is a battling card game designed for two players. Players build a team of Transformers character cards and power them up with a customizable deck of battle cards. Transformers character cards — such as those in the Autobots Starter Set and Booster Packs — are twice the size of standard playing cards; they can be flipped from bot mode to alt mode and back, and they feature premium printing treatment on one of their sides. The deck of battle cards features Action and Upgrade cards to enhance Transformers character cards.


So the transforming element of the franchise is thematically reflected by flipping over a Transformer character card printed with robot mode on one side, and alternate mode on the other. Well that really saves “manhandling” transforming action figures!


The Starter Set released provides minimum cards for players to start playing this TCG. Contents include four Autobot Character Cards and 40 Battle Cards, plus counters. These cards may be split evenly between two players for a 2-on-2 robot smackdown, or used by a single player as a team of 4 bots against other players. This set comprises Autobots only so it may seem unusual to fans for Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Red Alert to battle each other, or just think of the bots being mind-controlled by sneaky Decepticons like Bombshell or Mindwipe!


The game objective is to knock-out (KO) your opponent's Transformers represented by the Character Cards. In Basic Rules gameplay, players choose one of their bots to attack their opponent's bot. A bot's Attack value is compared against the target's Defense value. Battle cards are drawn that may affect the respective bots' Attack or Defense. If the Attack is higher than Defense, then the difference is deducted from the target's Health. Once Health reaches zero, that bot is out of the game, i.e. KO'd.


As a product marked for ages 8+, the Basic Rules is really for younger kids and adults / teenagers will certainly want to use the Advanced Rules for more thematic play. Players would want to customised their decks to take advantage of the strategic abilities inherent in most cards to suit their character bots and playing style.


Head to TransformersTCG.com/Rules for more information.

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4 Foil Transformers Character Cards

40 Battle Cards

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