What Are Pre-Order?

Pre-Orders are purchasing products before the release date.


Why do I want to Pre-Order?

By doing a Pre-Order you are guaranteed to receive the product that you want at the time of release and don't have to worry about the product running out of stock before you had the chance to purchase it. As a bonus, our Pre-Order price are usually also cheaper compared to our sell price. 


How much do I have to pay for Pre-Orders?

Payment for Pre-order varies by the product listing. For products nearing release date full payment will be required for the Pre-Order price. For products later release dates follow price of the listing as the Pre-Order deposit; usually around 30% of the final price. Upon arrival of product you will be emailed notice to settle balance payment before order is shipped out to your address. 


Will I get any notification for my purchase?

Yes, you will receive a notification when you make the Pre-Order and another when we receive our product as a reminder to complete the balance payment if any.


When will I get the product?

The date of release is stated on each of our Pre-Order page. This is subject to the completion by our distributor and you will receive a notification if there is any delay.


When is the last date of Pre-Order?

Each product page will have a timer to indicate the last date of Pre-Order


Can I get a refund for Pre-Orders?

You will receive a full refund if the products are more than 2 weeks late and/or if we are unable to ship out the product. The full Pre-Order deposit paid will be charge for cancellation  due to other reasons.